I don’t know what it is. I really really don’t. What I *do* know is that my roomates have made it very clear that they do not want to hang out with me. How do I know this? Well, see we have two rooms in our house with TV’s that are ‘public’ along with a tv back in me and my boyfriends bedroom. Normally everyone watches TV out in the main room, instead of in the tiny cramped music-room with the lil itty bitty TV. Unless *I* happen to be watching TV in the main room. In which case, everyone evacuates to the crappy lil room. If I’m not home, (or am back in my room on the compter (like now) watching tv) guess where everyone is? The main room.

SO yeah, I’ve decided that its just far too stupid. I really don’t care anymore. But it still fucking hurts. What did I ever do to the bastards?

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