Salamanca, the hurricane… crazyness!!

Hmm.. I just got done reading about the Hurricane, of which I have not heard (or at least understood) much, until now. I don´t know what to say. Its, its just frigging crazy.

Anyhow though, I´m in Salamanca now, and so have finally been able to unpack and settle-down, which is very nice. Tommorrow we have our placement test and find out what classes we are taking, and when they are, and get our books, and all of that kind of stuff.. So thats kind of exciting.

Other than that though haven´t been doing too much… Mostly just haning out, sleeping and eating. (the food is qutie good, incidentally).


Toledo, Madrid, Spain!!

Well, Spain is quite cool. We´ve been doing some site-seeing these past couple of days… Finally got our cell phones today, so now I can finally call people/be called.

Today we went to Toledo, which was a pretty cool city. Lots of big, old buildings… The Cathedral was pretty cool/amazing, and definetly beautiful.

Can´t wait to get to Salamanca tommorrow night. Should be interesting. Apparently, the house that I´m living in is pretty nice, so thats exciting… though I think its one of the farthest from the University, but thats OK, just means I´ll get more excersize..

I can´t quite believe how much money I´ve spent in the past few days. Spains much more expensive than i initially relized, kinda scared. Hopefully though, once we get to Salamanca (and stop having to pay for meals..), it will become a bit cheaper. I guess you could say that right now, at least, we are kind of on ´vacation´and then as of tommorrow night we´ll be ´home´. Or something.


I made it to Spain just fine yesteday, and have been wandering around the streets of Madrid ever since (well, except for a few hours when i went to bed, obviously=). Turns out I´m rooming with Breana, who´s from Colorado. At first, this was super cool – I didn´t in fact have to wander around by myself. However, as the day/night progressed… I decided that I wasn´t quite sure.

See, she´s a bit of a well… a wimp. Seems a bit scared to cross streets, if theres a car coming (even if its like 1/4 mile away!!) for some strange reason (this being despite the fact that shes lived in/around DENVER her entire frigging life…). And then, last night, after dinner when it was just barely starting to get dark around 9:30… she said, and I quote ´´I don´t realy like walking around after dark, especially in Madrid…´´ so, we went back to the Hotel, and guess what? She went to frigging bed. Obviously, this is WAY to early for bed for me (I´d be up around like 6:30, at the latest…), so I stayed up and read for a little while, before becoming bored and going out to wander around Madrid, at night, by myself. It wasn´t bad, but I couldn´t really find much to do, so in the end I settled for a beer at a random bar and then went back and read an listend to my iPod for a while untill I finally went to bed around 2am (and, you know what?? I *still* woke up before here – at 9:30am.. I just don´t know how people can sleep for sooo frigging long…).

In anycase though, so far Madrids been pretty cool. Lots of people (really, too many for my tastes..), and I think I managed to find the ´´happenin´´ section of town a little bit ago, so hopefully tonight will be more fun than last.

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