Fiesta, Bullfights, Circus

Well wow, its been a while since I posted on here…. Just been a pretty crazy, exciting week.

I´m learning a lot of spanish right now… we´re moving along pretty quickly in classes, and so its kind of hard, but mostly just lots of fun. I´m still hanging out mostly with the kids from my class, although I´ve been trying to go out by myself again so that I meet spanish people and speak spanish… its very helpful to have a buzz while speaking a foreign language – somehow you just don´t feel nearly as stupid=).

Went and saw a bullfight on Thursday, it was pretty cool… I kinda couldn´t (and still don´t) believe just how much I really, truely liked it… but yeah. I´m going again tommorrow, but I got a better seat this time (not looking straight into the sun, thank god=).

The Fiesta seems to have mostly ended on Thursday with one final blowout concert, though there continue to be random other events going on (like the circus performing in the plaza for an hour, totally randomly at 1pm just after I got out of class… 3 elephants in the plaza!! Just standing around!!=)… So it will be interesting to see what Salamanca´s like when its not a huge week-long party going on.

I spent a good hour or two online yesterday uploading bunches of new pictures (mostly of the circus… which, I´ll be honest… mostly means elephants, and the bullfight). So go check´m out.. !!

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