Well, I guess I should have known that such a good few days couldnt possibly last forever… Just found out that snoopy died last night. Which really really sucks. Was the last thing I expected when Dad called… I mean… I know she is, was.. old but, still. Just… yeah. Wish I could see her one last time… thats all. She was a good dog… I´ll miss her.

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Well, friday night was quite fun. Went out for tapas (apetizers), with my entire grammar class. Was quite fun… we went to two different places, both of which are very close to where I live… the first one (El Lechón), I have been to before, but the other one (Mares del Van Dyck), I had not… and it is both very good and cheap (just 1.50€ for a tapa and small beer or sidra (cider). I personally opted for sidra, as I love it… and its very good there. Also, its tapas are apparently typical of Galacia which means that they´re almost all seafood related (mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, etc)… quite yummy.

After tapas, we ended up going to a Salsa bar. Which was tons of fun. I ended up dancing with some guy from Argentina who was very good, which made it quite a lot of fun as I just kind of had to “follow” as it were… got tired after awhile.

Also I finally found a book to read. Imagéns en Accion (Moving Pictures), by Terry Pratchet. Its pretty good, and I am happy to say that I understand it well enough to understand at least some of the humour=)

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class, class and more class

Well, this week was back to normal (almost) here in spain… Except of course that monday was Halloween and Tuesday was well, I´m not honestly sure what the holiday was, the day of the dead, or something. Which meant that we didn´t have school… which was nice. But, whats not been so nice is that today, and yesterday I have/had 8 hours of class. Ugh. 4 hours in the morning, and 4 hours in the afternoon. And after class? Tae Kwon Do=) Makes for long days…

On the bright side, apparently, as long as the music is in spanish, you can listen to music in at least one of my classes. Which is super cool. So, now I´m on the hunt for good rock music in spanish. Should be interesting… Whats cool though, is that one of the little shops that sells music will let you listen to different CDs before you buy them, so that you can decide if you actually like them or not. Tis quite nice (so, yeah, I broke down and bought one CD, Jarabe de Palo “Depende.” Now I just have to get it on my iPod ).

Anyhow.. thats about all thats new/exciting around here. Mostly just lots of class atm. But yeah. We have/are starting Subjuntive conjugations… which are actually, thankfully, pretty easy.