Here they are!

Right, so seeing as probably most of you folks have not seen the cartoons which have caused FAR more controversy than they ever deserved, and have sparked international protests, riotings, kidnappings, etc… Here they are.

These are the original images printed in Jyllands Posten. Now, call me crazy but while I see how at least a couple of these pictures are offensive… I really don´t see how anyone can possibly justify the crazyness thats going on over them. I just really don´t get it. But maybe somebody does. If so, please, clue me in ??

For more info directly from Jyllands-Posten go here:

And this is the picture printed on the front-page of El Pais February 5 or something. I have the issue =)

Oh right, almost forgot, this was actually orignally printed by Le Monde (French), and the lines say “I must not draw Mohammed” =)

But personally, I´m a fan of this one. Yay for Filibuster Cartoons!!

For more info check out Mohammed Image Archive


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