I have a job!!

Wow. Well, I officially have a job for the summer now! I just took a job as the Horse Barn Director at YMCA Camp Greenville, for this summer… So pending them receiving all my reference forms thats what I´ll be doing this summer. Making $300 per week, living in a house with other staff (not campers!!).

Pretty exciting. I didn´t initially expect to be offered/given a director´s job at a Camp… but hey, I´m not going to complain. Make more money =) So yeah, thats my news for today. A nice feeling, not having to look for a job anymore. Knowing what I´ll be doing this summer!! So cool. So very very cool.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Emily. It has been a long time. 3 years I think? I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you. I was pretty excited to hear about the DS getting a browser, although I would’ve been happier with Mozilla Firefox, Opera is an excellent choice too. Can you believe I got a DS? You’d think I would’ve gotten a PSP, but I have a SP, and DS! Maybe if Sony releases a PSP with 8gb of flash memory. *sigh* I don’t think they’re that smart tho…

    Take Care of yourself.

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