So, Summer Camp’s been over for a week now, and family camp is over now too (technically I have one more pony ride tommorrow morning, but I’m doubtful at this point that anyone will show up…), so life’s slowing down. Happily slowing down.

Pregnancy is going OK… after a horribly sick, nasuea filled July, August has been WAY easier. Got in to see a doc finally a few weeks ago, and everything is looking just fine. All the blood work they took (and boy did they take a LOT), looks normal/good, and the ultrasound I had about 2 weeks ago now, looked good too (I should be around 10-11 weeks pregnant now.. I think. Something like that.). My due date is for around the 9-11th of March. So thats pretty crazy.

Kevin & I are planning on getting married sometime here in the next week or two, mostly (ok, only) so that we can live together here at camp, on-camp… And while up untill earlier today it didn’t look like we’d be getting our own place, that is suddenly, quite possibly changin. Which means that we just might be getting to bring Loki back too! Which is awesome. Life would be great if we could live together with our dog. That would just be too good.

In anycase, we’re driving back up to Ohio on wednesday (16th of August), for a week. Going to go to his parent’s place first, and then on to my Dad’s. It should be a nice, mostly relaxing trip. I’m going to trade my truck for dad’s accord. Which is pretty cool, although I’ll be sad to say ‘bye’ to my truck. ::sniffle:: Tis been a good truck.

Thats about all thats new here, my horses go back tommorrow afternoon ::sniffle:: I’ll miss them. It’ll be wierd not getting up and feeding horses every morning. Really, really wierd. But, then again I’m sure I’ll slowly get used to sleeping in again =)


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