Well, I really did not expect to spend all day long working on my grandpa’s new iMac… but I did. About half the time was spent on technical support… because it didn’t come with OS X pre-installed, I was trying to upgrade it. And, apparently the CD with Leopard that came with it is faulty. Which, was my guess after 15 minutes. But, of course, it took 2-3 hours on the phone for apple tech support to figure that out!!

But, after that it was (mostly) smooth sailing 😀 And, in anycase its up and running nicely now. iChat, Mail, Address Book, Safari – everythings working, with all of grandpa’s stuff. And, I got him OpenOffice for writing his papers and such 🙂 I chatted with my aunt for a big chunk of the day, while getting everything set up… we even did a three-way chat with her and her daughter, which was pretty cool.

I just really, really wish that I could figure out a way to video chat with everyone else… I still can’t quite believe that there is absolutely no AIM vidoe chat client for linux…

Anyhow… I never really made it shopping while I was up there, so now I’m shopping (as usual) online! Probably cheaper this way, anyhow;)


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