It’s Snowing!!

Its snowing again here… though I don’t think we’re going to get near as much snow as they were saying a couple days ago. But who knows, we shall see.. We did get a good inch or two yesterday, though then it rained so a lot of it melted:( But, its snowing again pretty good, so maybe we’ll get another couple inches. Which would be super cool, as I love snow. It at least makes everything look pretty vs just being icky and cold and muddy.

On another note, our house is now decorated – or at least, its as decorated as its gonna get 🙂 We have a nice little tree ontop of the old icebox, up and out of reach of Andros – which was the whole point… Some ornaments, lights and garland. What more do you need? At least the log cabin looks festive though, which is nice.

I made chicken noodle soup yesterday for the first time, and it realy turned out pretty darn good if I must say so myself, which is awesome, cause’ I basicly made it up as I went along. We’re going to have it again for lunch today, hopefully its at least as good as it was yesterday – soup usually is!


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