First Steps! W. Virginia?!

So, today Andros took his first steps! Pretty incredible. He’s getting so big, and so amazing. He’s learned how to climb onto the shelf infront of our windows now. Just has to have something to use as a stepping-stool, and up he goes.

I’m also totally shocked at our sudden change in fortune. I posted a little blurb about Kevin & I on Google’s “Outdoor Education Jobs” group the other day. And have so far gotten two responses. One from a couple of camps up in Massachuesets somewhere, the other from The Mountain Institue’s Spruce Knob Mountain Center.

The Mountain Institute sounds awesome. Theres no other way to say it. Up in the mountains of W. Virginia, just 25 miles from Seneca Rock. They’re surrounded on 3 sides by the Mongahala National Forest. During the spring & fall they mostly do environmental education with schools, but in the summer its much more of a mixed bag. So, in the spring/fall Kevin would be mostly doing EE stuff, and in the summer just random odd jobs (cooking, maintenance, trail maintenance, etc).


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