I’m a black belt!!

Well, I did it! I passed my black belt test today… its pretty incredible. Charlie went back in his records and figured out that I started on September 24, 1989!! So, it took over 18 years, probably longer than just about anyone else… but I did it. I got through all the board breaks, though the only one that I got on the first try was the back fist (2 boards)… I broke 2/3 of the knife hands, but it was wierd cause’ the didn’t come apart at first… And then the ridge hand one of the boards just feel/slid… and then I jumped off of the wrong bloody foot for my flying side kick an so missed it the first try :boggle: And then I felt like an idiot when I put the black belt on backwards… and couldn’t remember how to bloody hold the stupid belt or certificate!! But… somehow or other, I got through everything, and in anycase I passed 😀

The bong sool test was also quite cool, although also very different. Basicly it was all fighting, which was pretty interesting and fun to watch. If my hand hadn’t been soo bloody sore I’d probably have sparred at least too. It was very cool though to watch Jarrod cut the apple with the sword. Mr Braumberger showed them ‘how to do it’ first – which was pretty lame – just tap, tap on either side and then tap it and cut it in two… Jarrod however didn’t ‘follow directions’ 😉 He pulled it out swung it around and then cut it and put it back, just like Charlie had told him he had to. I hope that we really do start doing bong sool though, that would be very cool and fun to do tournaments.

Overall, the differences in the schools was kind of obvious and bit wierd – Brock for his second just did one two-board break (palm attack), while Jarrod did six different single-board breaks (front snap kick, roundhouse, sliding side kick, backfist, knife hand and ridge), and then of course my 4 for first degree, which even though I semi-botched I still got through…

Anyhow, I’m excited and elated as can be. I kind of never thought it’d actually happen… Now I just have to keep going, and start teaching and helping out. Overall, its really quite cool.


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