Dear Hillary,

I have never been one of your supporters, but I have also not always been one of your opponents. Before February 5th, I didn’t honestly think that my state (Ohio) would matter in the least. It was never supposed to – you were supposed to clinch the nomination long before it was our ‘turn’. I planned on voting for Kucinich or Edwards… and then they dropped out, and you started attacking Obama like mad.

You and Bill, you just couldn’t hold it in. Couldn’t stand to be ‘beaten’. So you started the race baiting, started misquoting.

Now your talking about wanting Michigan and Florida Delegates to be seated at the convention – after they were disqualified for moving their primaries up. After yours was the only name on the ballot in Michigan, and the only one who did *any* kind of campaigning in Florida.

“YES WE CAN” is his rallying cry – what’s yours? He’s calling us, all of us, to action. He’s calling us, asking us, to hope and to believe in change. To believe that this country can do better. That we can move past the divisive politics of the past, the racism, sexism, and insanity. That together, we can make a change. That lobbyists and PACs don’t have to run the country like they do today. He won’t take their money.

But, you will. You think the status quo is just fine. Oh, sure your a woman, so it must be a big change… But, its not the change that I want. I don’t want lobbyists to run this country. I don’t want a president who’s just as devisive and apt to misquote people, to skew the truth as Bush is and has been. I’ve had enough of state secrets. Why won’t you, why haven’t you, signed the American Freedom Campaign’s pledge? Obama did.

My reaction to all of this? Go Obamaa!! I will not vote for you in the Ohio primary – I and all of my family will be voting for Obama. I hope and I pray that Ohio has some sense and votes for change – real change. Not just a change from Bush, but a change from the kind of politics that we have now. No more rovian politics. No more race baiting, no more divisiveness. We can change this country for the better – and we will. But we’re going to do it without you, because YES WE CAN!


One Response to “Dear Hillary,”

  1. hanafi Says:

    Yes. Obama! Greetings from Indonesia – Obama lived for quiet a while here šŸ™‚

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