Driving through a flood!!

So today we went up to Canton and had lunch with my mom at Chipotle’s, and then we went and hung out at my grandparent’s house for a little while and visited with them. My grandma seems to be doing better, and she’s definetly happy to be home. And its awesome that my aunt’s able to be there and help out for a couple weeks while everyone gets used to being home again. After she goes back to california, we might move up there and stay with them for a little while, untill grandma and grandpa figure things out again.

On our way home, we forgot about all the flooding thats been going on (went through Carrollton on the way up, so we didn’t have to worry about flooding, much), and so went the normal ‘back’ way home. We got to magnolia and found that 542 was ‘closed’ but decided to keep going – sometimes a road is ‘closed’ but not really unpassable. And there’s definetly a difference!!

Anyhow. We got right up to the lake and found that, yup, sure enough the lake was over the road. So, we took some back roads around that section, and popped out farther down it… and drove untill we found that it was, once again, flooded over. But, other cars drove through it peachy fine… so we did too!! It was pretty crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever driven through so much water, and certainly not in such a little car (2002 Honda Civic LX))!!

It was pretty exciting – a bit of an adventure, thats for sure. I’m not sure I can ever remember the lake being so high. I assume it has been at least as high before, but not in a long time, and certainly not this early in the year. You expect flooding later on, but not so early. Certainly makes me worried for the rest of the year. If this kind of weather keeps up, well, the lake will become truly impassable, that’s for sure!!


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