Well, we got back from easter weekend at Kevin’s grandparents’s in North Baltimore yesterday. It was a nice weekend of relaxing and hanging out with his family. Everbody was enthralled with just about anything and everything that Andros did. Unfortuantly we forgot our camera though, so no pictures right now. Hopefully some of his family will send us some of the better ones.

Andros is getting really, really good at walking around. He can lean down and pick stuff up and keep
going every time now. It’s pretty cool. We went outside and played some outside today as it was a pretty nice day – the sun came out and it was just nice and breezy. A nice, albiet slightly cool, spring day.

My dad has decided to take two weeks off work to help out his parents, starting on Sunday. So, Kevin, Andros & I will have the house to ourselves here. It’ll be an interesting and likely very nice change for the three of us. It hasn’t been just us in a long time. Hopefully by the time Dad has to go back to work, Grandma will be more mobile and able to take care of herself again. Otherwise, I have no idea what will happy. Maybe Carol will come back or something. We had been talking about us moving up there for a while, but it doesn’t sound like they think I could take care of both Andros and grandma at the same time – which is probably true. Especially since their house is far from babyproof!!


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