Last night my dad moved up to Canton to stay with his parents for two weeks, maybe longer. My aunt’s been staying with them for the past couple weeks helping to take care of my grandma. All of which means that for the next two weeks, and possibly longer, Kevin, Andros & I have the house to ourselves. Which is kind of wierd. We haven’t all lived together, with just each other, in almost a year. So, I think it’ll be nice to have a little ‘us’ time.

Tonight, Kevin got to grill for the first time in a long time – a leg of lamb. It turned out very good, and so we got to feast on lamb, sweet potatoes and sprouts. Mmm mmm good!!

On Wednesday I made mushroom-cheese ravioli with fresh pasta. It was VERY good, though the pasta was definetly too thick since I just couldn’t get it to roll out any thinner. I’ve definetly decided I want/need a pasta rolling machine if I ever think I’m going to be making fresh pasta. And if they’re really as easy to use as it sounds like I think I probably would. Rolling it by hand is just way too hard and way, way, way too time consuming!!

On the sad side, this week include my cousin passing away from pancreatic cancer. He survived for longer than most, but ultimatly he too succombed. His struggles have made all of us think about what we would do if we were diagnosed. And no-ones too sure. He spent lots of time and money fighting th disease… On saturday we went to dinner with most of the family. It was a nice time, nice way to remember him…


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