A good few weeks

Well, its been a good month here. Dad went and stayed up at his parents house for 3 weeks helping to take care of his Mom after his sister went back to California. So for 3 weeks we had the house to ourselves. It was a nice change in many ways. To be just the three of us for a while. Kevin started working again finally too, so I’ve actually had the house to myself for a change. THAT was nice!!

Since the weather has improved greatly over the past few weeks we’ve been able to hang out outside. Which is just wonderful, no two ways about it. Andros has gotten considerably better at walking over the same period, due in large part to wandering around our yard barefoot. He’s taken a huge liking to water as well – the dogs water bowls, puddles, the creek and the lake. Basically water of any sort, anywhere, anytime. And dirt. He loves to stand and just throw dirt up in the air and on top of him and just anywhere and everywhere. Its very cute. He’s just a superbly happy guy when he’s outside, which is very cool.

Of course, while he’s playing we can actually get stuff done too, which is also pretty nice. Kevin’s tilled up the garden 2 or 3 times now, getting it all ready to plant in. He also built a trellis for the kiwi plants too, which looks very nice, and got the chicken coop cleaned out for our chicks (which came on Wednesday and are VERY cute!!).

I’ve gotten my mom’s old flower bed all cleaned out – its kind of my pet project I suppose. A couple days ago I dug up all the rocks along the outside edge and mulched around the crocuses and the rocks, all of which looks very nice. In a couple more weeks once everything else has come up I plan on digging up around everything, transplanting all the echinachea and blue bells and stuff into separate defined areas, and then mulching around everything. Basically get it back to looking like a nice bed again… something that hasn’t been the case for years and years and years!!

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