So You Think You Can Dance?!

Oh, I’m so excited!! So You Think You Can Dance is like, the only ‘talent search’ show I’ve ever gotten into. I saw most of the… must have been second season while working at YMCA Camp Greenville, then missed last years. The auditions this year were really quite awesome overall… some of them were just fantastic.

My two favorites were definetly the soccer girl and the popper at the end. The fact that Dominick and Travis were up there just like, drooling and dieing was hysterical. She was just a fantastic dancer though, absolutely no doubt about it!!

But the popper at the end! Oh. My. God. What can I say? I didn’t know *anyone* could move their body like that! That was just waaay too cool! I can’t quite picture him doing other dances, but I sure hope he can, and that we get to see some more of that, because man! That was just TOO cool!! And it made me laugh, SOO much, which is just awesome, you know?!?!

Ahh, I can *not* wait for the next episode next week!!


Weddings, chickens and food, hurrah!!

Well, its been a while since I posted, but lots has happend. I finally got my car back which is wonderful. We drove up to Wisconsin for Kevin’s Dad’s wedding… spent around 24 hours in the car, and about 30 hours actually *IN* WI. Not exactly the most fun weekend I’ve ever been on, but it wasn’t bad. Mostly just very expensive – $4/gallon gas is *not* conducive for traveling!!

On Monday when we got back, I called to find out where on earth our poultry fencing was to be told that it still hadn’t shipped! But, then somehow they got it shipped out that day, and it finally came today. Minus the electrifier. Ugh. The fence itself seems very nice though – super easy to set up, move around, adjust etc. I really can’t wait to let them out tommorrow and let them just run around for the first time outside! They about bum rushed me out the gate this morning when I went out to feed and water them. Hopefully the charger will come tommorrow…

On the gardening front, last night I stayed home from Tae Kwon Do and got a whole bunch of peppers planted (like… 24ish??), which was good cause’ tis definetly ‘that time of year’ to get stuff planted, you know? Also got three zucchini plants planted too… that’ll be wonderful. I’m gonna have zuccini comin’ outta my ears! I can’t wait to eat zucchini bread for breakfast every morning again!! 😀 😀 Might just have to figure out a way to preserve it for teh winter too… though I haven’t a clue how to!!

Then, today, I got some tomatoes planted – 23 to be exact. Plus the two we planted a couple weeks ago… I think we have space for about that many yet… so if its nice tommorrow maybe I’ll run over to Skipper’s and see about getting some more 😀 I’d also like to get some more peppers yet, but maybe I’m crazy. We’ll see.

For dinner tonight I made “Piglet DH’s Lentil Curry” from this thread on’s forums. It was *wonderful*! I made my own ‘chili past’ by soaking chili caribe in warm water for a few minutes, then blending it up and mixing in some chili powder to make it extra thick, and Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste. I’ll definetly be making it again sometime, though I think I’ll try draining the lentils before adding everything else to them – by the time enough of the water had evaporated, they were totally mushy. But still very tasty!!

Tommorrow is Fra Diavolo Shrimp, which is one of our favorites. Its soo good and easy to make, especially with fettucini/linguini noodles. I think I have enough but I might make them fresh, haven’t quite decided. I love my pasta rolling machine – its soo easy to use, and really quite fun. We’ll see.

Plants, plants and more plants!!

Yesterday while up garage saling we found a “plant sale” – which was basicly a yard sale with nothing but flowers! I ended up buying quite a few pots of different things: Forget-me-nots, Daisies, Centeres pink, centereus blue, and a couple others that I don’t remember the names of, and a couple of Dahlia bulb’s. I’m really hoping it dries up just a little this morning and I can get at least some, if not all of them planted in the flower garden today.

Mom also gave me six little itty bitsy basil plants that I did manage to get planted in the herb garden yesterday. Hopefully they do well and we have lots and lots and lots of basil for salads and pesto!

Dad also stopped by “Farmer Chucks” and got a couple nice tomato plants and some little pepper plants. Its a bit early to plant stuff yet, but we’re going o give it a try and hope for no more frosts! We’ll see. We’re also going to go over to a friend’s house on monday to see about buying some tomato and pepper plants off of her. So, hopefully it stays nice and warm from now on!