Plants, plants and more plants!!

Yesterday while up garage saling we found a “plant sale” – which was basicly a yard sale with nothing but flowers! I ended up buying quite a few pots of different things: Forget-me-nots, Daisies, Centeres pink, centereus blue, and a couple others that I don’t remember the names of, and a couple of Dahlia bulb’s. I’m really hoping it dries up just a little this morning and I can get at least some, if not all of them planted in the flower garden today.

Mom also gave me six little itty bitsy basil plants that I did manage to get planted in the herb garden yesterday. Hopefully they do well and we have lots and lots and lots of basil for salads and pesto!

Dad also stopped by “Farmer Chucks” and got a couple nice tomato plants and some little pepper plants. Its a bit early to plant stuff yet, but we’re going o give it a try and hope for no more frosts! We’ll see. We’re also going to go over to a friend’s house on monday to see about buying some tomato and pepper plants off of her. So, hopefully it stays nice and warm from now on!


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