So You Think You Can Dance?!

Oh, I’m so excited!! So You Think You Can Dance is like, the only ‘talent search’ show I’ve ever gotten into. I saw most of the… must have been second season while working at YMCA Camp Greenville, then missed last years. The auditions this year were really quite awesome overall… some of them were just fantastic.

My two favorites were definetly the soccer girl and the popper at the end. The fact that Dominick and Travis were up there just like, drooling and dieing was hysterical. She was just a fantastic dancer though, absolutely no doubt about it!!

But the popper at the end! Oh. My. God. What can I say? I didn’t know *anyone* could move their body like that! That was just waaay too cool! I can’t quite picture him doing other dances, but I sure hope he can, and that we get to see some more of that, because man! That was just TOO cool!! And it made me laugh, SOO much, which is just awesome, you know?!?!

Ahh, I can *not* wait for the next episode next week!!


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