More Kiko Kids!

We had two more kiko goat kids this morning – this time twin doelings, out of one of our New Zealand does – Louis:

Kid 1, white, a doe @ 5.57#s

Kid 2, brown, a doe @ 6.76#s

Also, updated weights for Patches’ kids born 4/9/11 are:

Kid 1 (white, buck) – 12.74#s

Kid 2 (brown, buck) – 12.89#s


Patches buck kids


"HBG Patches" buck kid white & brown, April 10, 2011 - weighed 7.34 pounds at birth (born April 9, 2011 @5:20pm)

Patches' brown buck kid, born April 9, 2011 at 6.67 pounds.

"HBG Patches" and her twin buck kids, April 10, 2011

Sire is “KMG Chase”

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Kiko Goat kids!

We are in our second year of raising Kiko Goats now – last year we had 3 first-time moms, all of whom did quite well and all had twins. Patches (who was the first to kid last year too, strangely enough…) had twin buckling’s this afternoon, one mostly white w/ a few tan patches, weighing in at 7.34 pounds and one all-brown at 6.667 pounds. Hopefully I’ll remember my camera tomorrow and be able to post pics. We’re expecting our other two does to kid any day now as well.