Pissed Off Penguins (POP)

Kris Occhipinti is currently raising money on Kickstarter to fund Pissed off Penguins (POP), an Angry Birds style game built using the Blender 2.6 Game engine. It looks pretty cool, and I for one am excited. If/when completed it will be released under the GPL He’s raised just over $1700 as of writing – his goal is $2500.

I signed up to contribute, and am really hoping this all works out. My boys (2 & 4.5) both love Angry Birds, and this looks like lots of fun. And I for one would much rather support an Open Source/Free Software project than keep paying for dozens of new versions of Angry Birds on various platforms. Lets make this happen!

And just for the record? Even if the whole project never comes to fruition? At least we got tux in a bat suit! My boys will be in love. Especially the little one – he *loves* batman!!



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