Am I really starting to like *math*?!

Coming up on 2 months of school, and I’m becoming increasingly concerned about myself – I’m actually starting to enjoy math again! Its slightly strange, but its hard & challenging which makes it interesting and fun in its own way. Might just manage to pass this class afterall… I hope. :p

Leaning more and more away from spanish too, which is slighlty sad. But the classes here are just not on the same level of instruction at all as those in Spain, and I’m just not sure its worth it. Maybe I’ll take french or arabic or japanese or something in the fall – a 3rd language has always kinda been on the to-do-list. Not that my spanish is perfect, but short of living where I use it, I doubt its gonna get much better. What else will I be taking? No freaking clue. Any suggestions? Whats interesting? I love to read 🙂

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One Response to “Am I really starting to like *math*?!”

  1. Awexandwuh143 Says:

    I’m in my 5th year of Spanish in High School, (I’m mexican, never knew the language.) And I completely agree about the 3rd language thing! I’m thinking Italian (:

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