More Python fun!

I think I’m finally, slowly understanding why math is a pr-requisite for computer science classes. Being halfway through my current math class is making Python make a LOT more sense than it did the last time I tried to learn it 8 or 9 months ago. Where all the if, else, range & functions didn’t make much sense, now they do (cause’ they’re basically the same as in math).

Exercise 35 was especially fun for me – I felt like I was building the most basic of MUDs, which was very fun. What made me smile and laugh though was my annoyance with the wording of descriptions, mostly since ‘you’ was in just about everyone, which I was always taught was a big ‘no no’ back when I was learning to build MUDs years ago. But, it was fun none the less and led me to wonder about MUD servers written in Python. A quick google brought up a handful of options: Evennia, GrailMUD, and a couple others which I see references to but don’t appear to actually exist anymore (ie AMC:SW-ERP), which is sad if unsurprising.  Some downloading & playing is definitely in the cards 🙂

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  1. SEJeff Says:

    FYI: The CS part of the Khan Academy is pretty much exclusively python:

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