GSoC: Week 1

The last week was spent reviewing GNOME Clock code, experimenting with GTK widgets and working on Alarms Рnamely the back-end python which will underlay the actual program in the next week or two. Tomorrow, I plan to work more on Alarms, hopefully finishing the back-end work and starting in on the GUI.

I also worked more on the GNOME 2010/2011 Annual Report last week, reviewing whats been written, what is still needed, etc. I think we’re nearly done and hopefully get it released shortly.

Finally, I am extremely excited & happy to report that I have officially accepted a travel sponsorship through the GNOME Foundation and will be attending GAUDEC 2012!! I’m also hoping/planning to arrive in time for the UX Hackfest, and I can not wait! Its been more than 6 years since I was in Spain and I cannot wait to go back!! I always meant to check out Galicia, but just never made it there – it sounds absolutely beautiful!!


Thanks so much to the GNOME Foundation for helping to make this trip possible!!


Congratulations to Carrollton Community Martial Arts Students!!

Carrollton Community Martial Arts held its first Moo Do Won Tae Kwon Do belt test last night, and all six students who were testing passed! Many thanks to Charles Theiss and Thomas Johnson for judging, and to Marsha Prokopakis for judging and teaching this year. Thanks also go to all the parents, grandparents and Thomas Maffett for coming to observe and support the class. Everyone did a great job, and I hope to get more pictures and videos uploaded to the website ( soon.

We will have one final class next Tuesday (May 29th, 2012), before suspending for the summer. Classes will resume in late August/early September. I hope everyone has a great summer and I’ll see you all in the fall!!

First GSoC meeting and GNOME Clock design

On thursday I met with Allan Day and Seif Lotfy via a Google Hangout to discuss my project and soon-to-start internship via Google Summer of Code, starting officially on Monday. We discussed my/our goals for the upcoming months (to have GNOME Clocks mostly finished by GUADEC and submitted to GNOME 3.6 by the end of summer), and how we plan to get there. It sounds as though some parts of the design we don’t have to worry about for now, as they will (idealy) be using GTK widgets that aren’t yet completed (for setting times as pictured here:¬† in the mockup for a New Alarm and Timer).

On monday we’ll be starting by cleaning up the current GNOME Clock code, and then begin working on Alarms as our first order of buisiness. We’re planning to get the basic functionality done first, and then begin iterating on design. We are hoping to get an alpha/beta release out shortly so that we can get bug reports as well as feedback on the design from actual users while we iterate on design.

Kiko Kids!

One of our does had a single buck kid sometime on Tuesday, who, the next day weighed ~ 8 lbs. Unfortuantly our nice kid-weighing scale appears to be broken, so I had to bring him inside and weigh him by holding him on my (admittedly) inaccurate scale. Mind you it did lead to some fairly cute pictures:


1 day old

May 2, 2012, out of “Patches” and “stinky” – weighing ~ 8lbs at 1 day old