GSoC Final Report: GNOME Clocks

I am both excited and sad to see the end of Summer of Code rapidly approaching – in just two days we will have reached the ‘hard pencils down’ date set by Google by which time our projects must be finished. As such the last couple of weeks since GUADEC have been spent hunting down and fixing as many bugs as we can in GNOME Clocks. The progress made has been remarkable, thanks in large part to the contributions from new contributors like Paolo Borelli and Alex Anthony who have been an immense help recently both reporting & fixing numerous bugs.

GNOME Clocks has developed from its initial mockups and prototype to a fully functioning clock application for GNOME. At the same time I have learned much about both programming (Python & GTK+3) as well as working collaboratively as part of a larger team. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with and, thanks to GUADEC, meet dozens of amazing hackers from all over the world. Even as GSoC ends, I plan to continue contributing to GNOME, as a member of the Marketing Team, a contributor to GNOME Clocks and wherever else I can.

A few screenshots of GNOME Clocks as of today:

World Clock:




Finally, I’d like to thank my mentors Seif Lotfy & Allan Day for all the time and effort they have spent helping me over the last several months. I’d also like to especially thank Eslam Mostafa who has done so much of the development related to the Timer & Alarms. Without all of their help GNOME Clocks would not be anywhere near ready for release, let alone inclusion in GNOME 3.6, nor would I have learned half of what I have over the summer. Thanks guys!! 🙂


2 Responses to “GSoC Final Report: GNOME Clocks”

  1. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Been waiting for the world clock feature for quite some time now. Nice to see it ready.

  2. Elliott Says:

    When is -5:00AM? Is that code for 7:00PM?

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