What a beautiful day!!

Well, today was defeintly the most beautiful day of the year so far. It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and warm, so warm. Must have been at least 70+ degrees all day long. We opened all the windows and let the wind blow through the windows bringing so much nice, wonderful fresh air into the house. It was wonderful!

Andros played outside basicly all day long, and I read Axis… I didn’t mean to read the whole book today, but it just kind of worked out that way. I started it around 9am or so when I got up and just kept going till I finished it around 4pm, with only a few minor breaks for lunch, and to take care of. It was a very good book, obviously.

Mostly I sat on the swing and watched him play in the grass with his ball, truck, the dogs and all the random things he found to play with in the yard. He’d find a stick and one of the dogs would pull on it and go off and chew on it… then realize he’d found a new one and come back for that one too. Or he’d find a puddle or spot in the yard which was slightly more moist than most and play in that, or dig in the garden, or play with rocks on the patio, or… well you get the point. He was just a very busy, very happy little guy all day long. Which made it highly unsurprising when he fell asleep soon after dinner – he’d had a long, hard day of playing!!

Kevin on the other hand was extremely productive! He tilled up the garden, planted more lettuce and greens, and built a trellice for the kiwi plants (which I helped with after I finished my book;). In the process he got his first sunburn of the year. I’m happy to report that neither I nor Andros (despite having been outside for basicly the same amount of time), have one to match is though. Really hoping Andros hasn’t/doesn’t inherite his tendency to burn. Though, I suppose only time will tell.



Well, we got back from easter weekend at Kevin’s grandparents’s in North Baltimore yesterday. It was a nice weekend of relaxing and hanging out with his family. Everbody was enthralled with just about anything and everything that Andros did. Unfortuantly we forgot our camera though, so no pictures right now. Hopefully some of his family will send us some of the better ones.

Andros is getting really, really good at walking around. He can lean down and pick stuff up and keep
going every time now. It’s pretty cool. We went outside and played some outside today as it was a pretty nice day – the sun came out and it was just nice and breezy. A nice, albiet slightly cool, spring day.

My dad has decided to take two weeks off work to help out his parents, starting on Sunday. So, Kevin, Andros & I will have the house to ourselves here. It’ll be an interesting and likely very nice change for the three of us. It hasn’t been just us in a long time. Hopefully by the time Dad has to go back to work, Grandma will be more mobile and able to take care of herself again. Otherwise, I have no idea what will happy. Maybe Carol will come back or something. We had been talking about us moving up there for a while, but it doesn’t sound like they think I could take care of both Andros and grandma at the same time – which is probably true. Especially since their house is far from babyproof!!

It’s been a while

So, its been a little while since I posted last. Andros’s birthday party was cancelled unforuantly due to the monstrous storm last weekend, and while we initially thought we’d still have a party we’ve decided not to in the end because it’d just be kind of silly – easter’s next weekend so we’ll see most of Kevin’s family then, and most of mine we see fairly frequently anyhow. We had a fun day anyhow – lots of snow, playing with toys and coconut cake with cream cheese icing. Its pretty crazy to think that he’s really one year old already. Over the past week (starting like 1 or 2 days before his birthday), he’s been really learning to walk, and he’s gotten pretty good at it now. Walking across teh room from one thing to another is ‘old hat’ now!

Andros has been sick for the past few days, which has’t been fun, though he is finally getting better. He had a fever and a really runny nose and horrible cough for a couple days last week, but its mostly cleared up now.

My lifeguarding class is going well, starting week three now. On wednesday we start backboarding which is the really big important part of the class as far as I can tell. From the sounds of it we might actually get done a week or so early, which would be awesome… but we’ll see.


Well, today we went and got CPR for the Professional Rescuer at the YMCA. It was a good class, though not nearly as in depth as I remember the equivalent portion of Wilderness First Responder being. Of course, it only took 4 hours too, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Andros did pretty good in the daycare/baby sitting area, as far as I can tell, all things considered. He was upset a couple times when I went and checked on him, but calmed right down, and the first time was playing happily on a rocking horse type thing. Of course the lady’s kind of yelled at me when they were closing at 8:30 (half hour before CPR finished, though luckily it was basically just the test at that point), because apparently he was only supposed to be in their for 2 hours, an he’d been there for 3.5… but whatever.

My grandma slipped on some ice on Saturday night and broke her leg above the knee. She was supposed to be having surgery today at 5:00pm, but I haven’t heard anything so far as to how it went. Hopefully it went well, and she’ll get moved up to Canton here soon (happened just before they were supposed to go to California, so they were/are in Columbus…).

3rd Saturday

So, on saturday we went up to 3rd Saturday at a friends house. It’s a gathering of musicians, ever (you guessed it;) 3rd saturday of the month. We got there right around 8:00 when it started and stayed untill 1!! It was quite a lot of fun. Kevin got to sit around and play his guitar the whole time (or, most of the time, he was drumming towards the end;), and learned a whole bunch of new stuff. Everyone was very nice, though they were mostly older folks (40+), with only a few younger people mixed in. But, it was still a good time. Apparently they rotate hosting it, so who knows where it’ll be next month, but we’re definetly planning on going. Andros did great – he was up till like 9:30 or 10:00 then took a little nap for an hour an half or so, an then was up till 1am when we left!! He was banging on his drum and playing with a shaker for a good half hour or so before we left too, it was soo cute.

It warmed up  a good bit on sunday, and was like 50+ degrees, but then dropped again yesterday. And it snowed again, so now everythings all pretty and white again, which is great. So much nicer than the drab brown of mud. Andros has become quite the climber lately, climbing up onto the ledge in the family room, onto the heater, chairs, desks, just about anything he can. Its kind of scary, but theres no point in freaking out and putting him down on the floor as he’d just climb back up again…

Joshua and Sharlot came down on sunday and had lunch with us. I made green chili and tamales, and dad made some beans and tortillas. It was all very tasty, and nice to see them. I’m not sure when we saw them last, but it’s been a while. They’re busy planning their wedding, as it’s coming up now (just 3 or 4 months away now, I think).

Color & Personality

So a post about personality and color over on mothering.com got me to google and find www.colorquiz.com which is a very short, very easy quiz/test… and it nailed me pretty darn good. What are they tapping in to here? I for one have no idea, but its really pretty darn impressive.

Andros has started saying “laladalalaalaldaldaldaldaaladla” – its soo funny! He’s also learned that he can climb up onto the shelf/window sill in the living room and bang on the windows and watch the birds… and climb onto the heater and onto the rocking chair… and bang ont he tv and shake the tv… and just generally scare his mommy to death!!

We’ve also finalized our general plans to have a 1st birthday party for Andros on his birthday at Atwood Lake Park. We’ve invited (or are going to…) most of our family that lives around here, as well as some good friends. It should be a lot of fun, especially if everyone actually shows up.


So, I just realized that I never did link some of the super cute, recent pictures of Andros sled riding and playing outside and just generally being super duper incrediably cute 🙂 So, here you are!

Andros & I on January 17, 2008 Andros & I on the 17th of January, 2008. Aren’t we cute??

Andros on his rocking horse on the 18th

Andros & me

Andros & Kevin sled riding at Atwood Lake Resort on the 27th