So I’m going to call some colleges today and make a decision by this weekend, on what exactly I’m going to do. I’m leaning towards Baker College’s online Computer Programming associates degree right now. Though, I’m also considering Westwood’s Software Engineering associates, and Oregon State University’s Bachelor of Natural Resources. I’ve pulled out my old copy of The C Programming Language and am working my way through the first chapter right now. Its going pretty good, and I’m enjoying it so far, which is a large part of why I’m leaning towards computer programming. We’ll see though..

Andros is so close to walking, its incredible to see. He’ll pull himself up, turn around, balance, and turn around and grab something as he takes a step. Its absolutely amazing. Any day now he’s going to just stand up and start walking around… I actually dreamed that he did so the other night.

I’ve stated trying to exersize more now too. I rowed for 15 minutes-ish today, did 40 cruches and 10 pushups along with some other random exersizes. Hopefully if I really start exersizing every day, I’ll be able to get into shape and loose the last 15lbs ish of pregnancy weight. That’d be awesome, so, we’ll see if I can really stick to it. Plus, it’d be nice to be in decent shape for my black belt test on the 9th…


First Steps! W. Virginia?!

So, today Andros took his first steps! Pretty incredible. He’s getting so big, and so amazing. He’s learned how to climb onto the shelf infront of our windows now. Just has to have something to use as a stepping-stool, and up he goes.

I’m also totally shocked at our sudden change in fortune. I posted a little blurb about Kevin & I on Google’s “Outdoor Education Jobs” group the other day. And have so far gotten two responses. One from a couple of camps up in Massachuesets somewhere, the other from The Mountain Institue’s Spruce Knob Mountain Center.

The Mountain Institute sounds awesome. Theres no other way to say it. Up in the mountains of W. Virginia, just 25 miles from Seneca Rock. They’re surrounded on 3 sides by the Mongahala National Forest. During the spring & fall they mostly do environmental education with schools, but in the summer its much more of a mixed bag. So, in the spring/fall Kevin would be mostly doing EE stuff, and in the summer just random odd jobs (cooking, maintenance, trail maintenance, etc).

He hates his carseat :(

I really don’t understand why Andros dislikes his carseat so much… he screamed for most of the ride home from Lehman’s today, and it was just horrible 😦 While we were there he was great – happy as could be, just looking around at everything. But, just as soon as we got in the car he started just screamingi and screaming. I was really thinking we were kinda past that last week because he was so good in the car! But, obviously not. Well, I’m very pleased to say that we have finished our holiday

Anyways though, we went to Lehman’s and got all the rest of our holiday shopping done! Which is awesome… now I just have to start baking 😀 I think I’m going to make mostly buckeyes & chocolate covered pretzels this year, with just a couple batches of cookies. Supposedly Kevin wants to help… I’m somewhat suspicious on that count, but who knows.

I think tommorrow we’re going to go look for our tree… we just want a small one to go ontop of the icebox… I haven’t been keeping an eye out for one though, so I can’t think where theres any off the top of my head, hopefully either Dad or Kevin will have some ideas.

The Year So Far

Well, ok, try again. I just had a nice long well-thought out post and its gone now! Bah. Not a good start 😦 So, here goes, again!

I really wish I would have started writing last year about this time. So much has happend in the past year. I got married last august, my son was born in March, Kevin got in a motorcycle accident in June, and then his step-dad in a motorcycle accident in October (insane, I know). Our lives have changed so much, and I have basicly no record of it. It really makes me quite sad when I think about it. But, oh well. I suppose we all have regrets…

Kevin is basicly back to “normal” now, which is absolutely amazing. I was so worried for so long that I would never have him back… and he is now, mostly. His brain’s still not quite where it was pre-accident, but its getting better, getting closer every day. And, at least he realizes it now, somewhat. Which, wasn’t true just a couple months ago. Whether he’s actually getting better or just hiding it well (which implies that he IS in fact better, I suppose?), I’m not entirely sure. But, either way at least it seems like I can talk to him and hold a decent conversation.

Physically hes probably 90% back. He actually went and ran today for the first time He ran about 1.5 miles in just over 11 minutes! Which is just awesome, especially since its what he’ll have to run to pass the OPOT (Ohio Peace Officers Training), course in 8 months 😀 I really hope that it (the OPOT) goes well, and he ends up with a decent job doing something he likes. Even if we do have to move out and get our own place.

Andros is amazing. Theres no other way to say it. He’s gotten so big, so fast its pretty hard to believe that 9 months have already gone by. It seems like he was just learning to roll over yesterday. And, now he’s up crusing along the furniture, learning to stand unassisted, crawling around and opening cupboards and getting into just EVERYTHING!!

I’m trying to learn to cook more different things. Stir fry and pasta are good, but something different is always good, you know? So, I’ve been trying to make at least one or two new things every week. Its been pretty hit & miss, but lots of fun. I find that I’m making fewer and fewer things exactly as the recipe calls for them and modifying stuff more and more. Plus, now that I have deer and lamb to cook with its opened up a whole new area of cooking… I’m a huge fan of partially cause the recipes tend to be pretty good, and partially cause of the community’s super helpful reviews… I have so many cook books that just sit on the shelf though, its really pretty sad…. probably should ebay them (along with a bunch of other stuff).

I’m also thinking about going back to school, possibly for something with computers. Both my Dad and Kevin keep telling me I should, so maybe I will. I just have to figure out how I’m going to do it with Andros. Online classes would be nice, but some part of me doesn’t know how I’d really do with just online classes.

Anyhow, thats been our year in a nutshell.