New Kiko Goat kids!

A couple of weeks ago now our Kiko does had kids. Two sets of twins, though only 3 survived. Patches had twin doelings, and Louise had twins as well – unfortunately though, one of hers was born in the water bucket and thus did not survive ūüė¶ the surviving twin is a very nice looking buck though. These pictures are of when they were ~1.5 weeks old, and are themselves now another 9 days old.

Anyhow, a couple of pictures:

‘Stinky’ – buck on the left, ‘Patches’ – brown doe in the middle, ‘Louise’ on the right and Patches’ kids at ~2wks

Louise & her kid nursing, also one of Patches’ and Orso ūüôā

They seem to be growing far faster than our kids in years past, having, in just about a month seeming to have doubled in size. More pictures on SmugMug:

Patches & our 2013 Kiko Goat Kids!


Kiko Kids!

One of our does had a single buck kid sometime on Tuesday, who, the next day weighed ~ 8 lbs. Unfortuantly our nice kid-weighing scale appears to be broken, so I had to bring him inside and weigh him by holding him on my (admittedly) inaccurate scale. Mind you it did lead to some fairly cute pictures:


1 day old

May 2, 2012, out of “Patches” and “stinky” – weighing ~ 8lbs at 1 day old


More Kiko Kids!

We had two more kiko goat kids this morning Рthis time twin doelings, out of one of our New Zealand does РLouis:

Kid 1, white, a doe @ 5.57#s

Kid 2, brown, a doe @ 6.76#s

Also, updated weights for Patches’ kids born 4/9/11 are:

Kid 1 (white, buck) – 12.74#s

Kid 2 (brown, buck) – 12.89#s

Kiko Goat kids!

We are in our second year of raising Kiko Goats now – last year we had 3 first-time moms, all of whom did quite well and all had twins. Patches (who was the first to kid last year too, strangely enough…) had twin¬†buckling’s¬†this afternoon, one mostly white w/ a few tan patches, weighing in at 7.34 pounds and one all-brown at 6.667 pounds. Hopefully I’ll remember my camera¬†tomorrow¬†and be able to post pics. We’re expecting our other two does to kid¬†any day¬†now as well.