Am I really starting to like *math*?!

Coming up on 2 months of school, and I’m becoming increasingly concerned about myself – I’m actually starting to enjoy math again! Its slightly strange, but its hard & challenging which makes it interesting and fun in its own way. Might just manage to pass this class afterall… I hope. :p

Leaning more and more away from spanish too, which is slighlty sad. But the classes here are just not on the same level of instruction at all as those in Spain, and I’m just not sure its worth it. Maybe I’ll take french or arabic or japanese or something in the fall – a 3rd language has always kinda been on the to-do-list. Not that my spanish is perfect, but short of living where I use it, I doubt its gonna get much better. What else will I be taking? No freaking clue. Any suggestions? Whats interesting? I love to read 🙂

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First Aid & the YMCA

Tonight we had our First Aid & Oxygen Adminstration classes at the YMCA. They were both pretty darn basic and simplistic, though Kevin once again struggled with the test. I don’t understand whats happend with him and tests. I know he’s always been bad about second-guessing himself, but it just seems much much worse lately. In anycase though, we both passed just fine. He actually didn’t take the oxygen class as he had to watch Andros the last hour. I’m pretty excited about taking the life guarding class starting next week. It’ll be interesting and hopefully fun, though I’m questioning whether or not I’ll be making it to Tae Kwon Do unfortuantly. I might try and go once a week still and just go from their. We shall see.

I’m rather upset with the YMCA though regarding my right to breastfeed my son. On Monday after the babysitting room closed at 8:30 I went and got him and brought him back in to the class while we rapped up CPR and took the test. While we were reviewing some information I went ahead and nursed him, and didn’t think anything of it, just like always. But, then tonight, when I went in to the babysitting room and nursed him in their the lady said “do you want a blanket” and when I said “no thank you” she tried to make me use one. So, I informed her that I am legally allowed to nurse wherever I am otherwise allowed to be, and she just dropped it…

Then, later on during a separate break the instructor and another woman confronted me about it, and tried to say that in the future I must either: leave the room and go somewhere private, or use a cover of some sort. I informed them of the law as well and they just blew me off. So I blew them off and just walked away.

From now on though, I fully intend to bring a copy of the Ohio law on the subject, and if anyone ever tries to tell me to cover their again, I will inform them of the law and that I can sue them for civil rights discrimination if they continue to press me (which I forgot about tonight somehow)… It just boggles my mind that anyone cares if I nurse my son anywhere, and that they think they have the right to tell me to cover. Mind boggling.


Well, today we went and got CPR for the Professional Rescuer at the YMCA. It was a good class, though not nearly as in depth as I remember the equivalent portion of Wilderness First Responder being. Of course, it only took 4 hours too, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Andros did pretty good in the daycare/baby sitting area, as far as I can tell, all things considered. He was upset a couple times when I went and checked on him, but calmed right down, and the first time was playing happily on a rocking horse type thing. Of course the lady’s kind of yelled at me when they were closing at 8:30 (half hour before CPR finished, though luckily it was basically just the test at that point), because apparently he was only supposed to be in their for 2 hours, an he’d been there for 3.5… but whatever.

My grandma slipped on some ice on Saturday night and broke her leg above the knee. She was supposed to be having surgery today at 5:00pm, but I haven’t heard anything so far as to how it went. Hopefully it went well, and she’ll get moved up to Canton here soon (happened just before they were supposed to go to California, so they were/are in Columbus…).

Going back to School

Today I spent looking for a college where I can get my bachelors degree. The only place that sounds reasonable/practical is Oregon State University. They have an e-campus option, and I should be able to get my degree in Natural Resources… I’ve been trying to figure out how many credits I have that would transfer and I’m just not in the least bit sure. Its so hard to try and match up whats what, you know? Plus I might have to take a year of Biology somewhere around here – depending on whether or not they accept classes I took at hocking for that, which its sounding like they aren’t going to do.

My other option I suppose is to just get a bachelor’s degree in “general studies” and then go for a master’s in environmental science or whatever I really want to do. And for that, I think I’d have a lot more options… although I think I’d much rather have a degree in *something*…

Andros seems to be back to himself again, finally. He had me pretty worried yesterday, what with pooping 5x in one day – which he hasn’t done in *MONTHS*. It was just… wierd. He’s been sleeping a lot lately, or at least, it certainly seems like it to me. He slept nearly the whole time we were driving both down to and then back up from West Virginia, plus all night long. So, its been kind of a relief that he’s back to himself.

So, once again, I’m going to be limited in what I can do in this world – because of *one* incident 14 odd years ago. First, it was the realization that I would never be able to fly an airplane. Then it was finding out that I will never be able to scuba dive. Now, I realize that I will not be able to get my Red Card. I wonder how many other fun/cool things I will never be able to do in my life because of one stupid seizure when I was six.