Color & Personality

So a post about personality and color over on got me to google and find which is a very short, very easy quiz/test… and it nailed me pretty darn good. What are they tapping in to here? I for one have no idea, but its really pretty darn impressive.

Andros has started saying “laladalalaalaldaldaldaldaaladla” – its soo funny! He’s also learned that he can climb up onto the shelf/window sill in the living room and bang on the windows and watch the birds… and climb onto the heater and onto the rocking chair… and bang ont he tv and shake the tv… and just generally scare his mommy to death!!

We’ve also finalized our general plans to have a 1st birthday party for Andros on his birthday at Atwood Lake Park. We’ve invited (or are going to…) most of our family that lives around here, as well as some good friends. It should be a lot of fun, especially if everyone actually shows up.