Books books, and more books.

So, we went up and saw my grandparents today and dropped off some food that I’d made for them (spicy red beans indian style, basmati rice, spaghetti sauce, waffles). We hung out there for a while talking to Grandma and Grandpa. Dad went and did a little bit of running around at one point… apparently it was the first time he’d been out of the house in nearly a week.

Afterwe left, we went up to Borders so I could look at some books. I managed to keep myself from buying any, though only just. I was mostly looking at Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everthing and The Best Recipes in the World. I definetly would love to have both of them, but I think I want The Best Recipes in the world more. It just looks like it has so many cool, tasty sounding recipes its really pretty amazing.

So, I started a new wishlist for myself on (). Its pretty short, as theres just not a lot of stuff I *DO* want, as crazy as that may sound. I mean, I suppose there’s lots of stuff I’d like, but not neccasarily ‘want’. If that makes any sense.

John Scalzi’s series about the Colonial Defense Forces was great – I finished
it last week – it had a fascinating premise and was just very thought provoking. I would love to read more about the CDF, Consu, Boutin, and the Perry’s someday!!

I’m also anxiously awaiting Sanderson’s publication of the third Mistborn book in October. The Well of Ascension was just as good as Mistborn, though it certainly asked as many questions as it answered. Which I suppose is to be expected in a series.

I’m nearly finished with The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. I keep forgetting to look up and see what the next book is and if any of the libraries around here have a copy. I’m sure Tor’s hope was not to encourage more library usage, but that’s certainly been my reaction. I just can’t justify spending $8-25 on a couple days of bliss, you know? Honestly though, they are selecting wonderful series.