Building “Duckingham Palace”

So, today we finally got started building “Duckingham Palace” more or less off of the description & picture from Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman. After much debate and numerous drawings, we finally started. This shows my dad with the inital framing and figuring out the doorway. We built two houses – one for us and our 8 ducks, and one for our neighbors and his 5.

Here you can see the inital framing is done, along with the floor & hardware cloth nailed down.

Here you can see we have both frames done, and are starting to frame out the doors & add hardware cloth on the front. Kevin & Bob

Now we have two sides and the roof on!

Here you can see both sides, the roof, door and hardware cloth all installed – just one more side to go!!

My dad’s cutting the last of the boards needed to side the palace!

Kevin’s adding the last door.

Andros standing on the ramp, while dad puts the finishing touches on one of the palace’s.

A rear-view of one of the houses, with wheels (though, they aren’t attatched – the axle is actually just a little bit short – so we’ll have to get a new one). Dad, Kevin & Bob.

A sideview of a duckhouse – all but finished!! Dad, Kevin & Andros and Bob.

Bob, Dad, Kevin & Andros & I behind one of the duckhouses at the very end of the day! I think they turned out beautifully!!

Just for the sake of cuteness and reference, 14 Indian Runner Ducklings, at about 5 days old (orderd from Murray McMurray Hatchery, they arrived on thursday the 28th of May, 2009)

And just cause’ its cute – Andros in a duckhouse!!