Ferias de Toros!! Awesome!!!!

Wow. Yesterday was soo amazing. I went to see the last bull fight, the one with horses… and it was just sooo cool. The horses were some of the best horses that I have ever seen… They were doing western reigning tricks (including some that I´ve never even heard of before, like the horse would rear and leap forward off its hind legs… it was just amazing), but while fighting/being chased by a raging mad bull. The riders were soo cool. I totally wish that they had more bull fights. It was just too cool.

I can´t even hardly explain how cool… one horse seriusly spun in circles while being chased by the bull… it was incredible. I´m uploading what pictures I have just now… they´ll all be up soon on smugmug, though I don´t really have any super cool pictures as I was just too amazed to even take pictures of the coolest stuff!! It was, seriously though, some of the best riding that I have ever ever ever ever seen.

Then last night I went out with friends and had a blast… didn´t spend hardly any money, but had tons of fun. We met some old tourist guy from Chicago who was just traveling around Spain for 10 days taking pictures and such. He was really really cool… I think he was mostly thrilled to meet people that he could talk to… Not that many people here speak english.

But yeah. I´m still amazed whenever I think about the bullfights yesterday… the riding was just soo spectacular. So, oh so so so awesome, and amazing. If only I could see more =) But, alas, only one of those fights here in Salamanca per year =( But, at least I got to see one…

Ferias de Toros 2

Ugh. Well, I currently feel like crap. Didn´t even goto class today… throat hurt like all hell, though I think its mostly cause´ its soo frigging dry (and also cause´ the weather changes here, more, faster, than anywhere I´ve ever been. Seriously. Yesterday it was like 50 degrees. Today? Its like 80.)

Anywho… Went to my second bullfight yesterday (where I froze, since when I left it was nice-ish and the temperature proceeded to plummet like 20 degrees while I was sitting watching… ::grumble::), which was, once again quite cool. The people sitting on either side of me broke out awesome looking sandwhiches about half way through. What genious. Bring food. Who woulda thunk it?? Awesomely though, guys here in spain are super nice.. and one of them gave me like half his =). Anyhow though, theres more pictures up of the bullfight… and if I can remember my tripod password I´ll upload the couple of movies too in the next couple of days.