Well, its a crazy feeling right now – I have less than 2 weeks before I come home for christmas. I can`t in all honestly quite believe it. But its true. I`m still having a blast here in Spain, and am absolutely amazed at how much I`ve already learned.

Lately I`ve been hanging out with a couple of guys from Morocco (sp?), who are all very cool – Omar, Sidi & Alli. They all speak 3 languages – Arabic, French and Spanish. Crazyness. But its a blast to hang out with them, since they`ve lived here in Salamanca for 6 years now and so know it better than I ever will… Going to bars with thems great, since they know just about everybody=) But, whats probably best of all is that since they don`t speak english, I *have* to speak spanish… which is super good for me (though occasionly it makes for difficulties…). Still, generally its a blast.

Whats most crazy at the moment though is that I now only have 1 or 2 more days of class left before my exams (today and friday for Art History, Communications and Culture, and today, friday and monday for grammar!!). We`ve gone over SOO much stuff, as my grammar teacher says, we`ve apparently covered basicly every part of the spanish language… crazyness.

But… yeah, I can`t wait to get home and see everyone again.

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Well everybody I finally have pictures up online… so go check´m out!! School´s still going pretty well… Planing on going out tonight with Stephanie and Kristine as well as some guy from Pakistan who´s in our class too. He´s pretty cool… works for there ¨ministry of foreign affairs´or something like that… so he´s here for 9 months learning spanish. Should be fun… tonight I expect will be a huge night for partying as nobody has class tommorrow (tis the Fiesta de Salamanca)… so yeah. Should be lotsa fun. Sposed to be fireworks tonight too. Plus they built yet another gigantic stage (the 2nd one this week!! Built one for last Saturday/Sunday, then tore it down and painted a chessboard on the plaza… then got rid of that, and started putting up another stage!! Tis crazyness!!)