Ubuntu & GNOME 3 for non-geeks!

So I have now installed Ubuntu Linux w/ Gnome-shell (GNOME 3) on 2 new laptops this week (one for myself & one for my husband, Kevin) and am now in the process of trasferring files from another laptop, before formatting & installing ubuntu on it (this one owned by one of my best friends J who is tired of Windows and all its problems with viruses, spyware, adware, etc).  Its actually something I’ve always wanted to do, but never actually had the chance to (ie, nobody’s been brave enough to let me :p).

Assuming they don’t have many/any complaints, I think I’m going to start pushing a bit harder for peoples’ old hardware to build systems to give away with linux (likely Ubuntu running either GNOME 3 or XFCE depending) on them – either for free to those who simply *need* computers, or for super cheap – $10-100. Has anyone else ever done this? Any ideas for printouts/handouts/etc? I’ve been trying to wrack my brain for what ‘basic’ stuff is not included on Ubuntu but which people will likely want; my list so far: Skype, Calibre, Evolution, Chrome. Any other suggestions?

I’m also now planning on moving my old desktop (currently running Xubuntu 11.04) into my boys’ room (I have two boys, oldest will be 5 in March, youngest is 2.5), and letting them play with it (it will be heavily locked down, and not connected to the web). Kevin thinks it’ll be destroyed, and it very well may, but they have to learn on something, you know? And I’d much rather that be an old desktop than a laptop, as I suspect the desktop is much more likely to stand up to abuse 🙂 This means I will shortly be going back through linux games and finding good, fun, *easy* ones for them to play – once again, any suggestions?? (Not really looking for educational ones either – just good, fun, and above all easy games! 4 yr olds are easily frustrated :p)


Pissed off Penguins!

Good news! Pissed off Penguins (http://filmsbykris.com/pop/) has been fully funded through Kickstarter – a total of $2811 was raised, passing the target goal of $2500 set by Kris Occhipinti. It looks great, and I for one am super excited to play it in another month or two when the first alpha/beta is released!