Toledo, Madrid, Spain!!

Well, Spain is quite cool. We´ve been doing some site-seeing these past couple of days… Finally got our cell phones today, so now I can finally call people/be called.

Today we went to Toledo, which was a pretty cool city. Lots of big, old buildings… The Cathedral was pretty cool/amazing, and definetly beautiful.

Can´t wait to get to Salamanca tommorrow night. Should be interesting. Apparently, the house that I´m living in is pretty nice, so thats exciting… though I think its one of the farthest from the University, but thats OK, just means I´ll get more excersize..

I can´t quite believe how much money I´ve spent in the past few days. Spains much more expensive than i initially relized, kinda scared. Hopefully though, once we get to Salamanca (and stop having to pay for meals..), it will become a bit cheaper. I guess you could say that right now, at least, we are kind of on ´vacation´and then as of tommorrow night we´ll be ´home´. Or something.



I made it to Spain just fine yesteday, and have been wandering around the streets of Madrid ever since (well, except for a few hours when i went to bed, obviously=). Turns out I´m rooming with Breana, who´s from Colorado. At first, this was super cool – I didn´t in fact have to wander around by myself. However, as the day/night progressed… I decided that I wasn´t quite sure.

See, she´s a bit of a well… a wimp. Seems a bit scared to cross streets, if theres a car coming (even if its like 1/4 mile away!!) for some strange reason (this being despite the fact that shes lived in/around DENVER her entire frigging life…). And then, last night, after dinner when it was just barely starting to get dark around 9:30… she said, and I quote ´´I don´t realy like walking around after dark, especially in Madrid…´´ so, we went back to the Hotel, and guess what? She went to frigging bed. Obviously, this is WAY to early for bed for me (I´d be up around like 6:30, at the latest…), so I stayed up and read for a little while, before becoming bored and going out to wander around Madrid, at night, by myself. It wasn´t bad, but I couldn´t really find much to do, so in the end I settled for a beer at a random bar and then went back and read an listend to my iPod for a while untill I finally went to bed around 2am (and, you know what?? I *still* woke up before here – at 9:30am.. I just don´t know how people can sleep for sooo frigging long…).

In anycase though, so far Madrids been pretty cool. Lots of people (really, too many for my tastes..), and I think I managed to find the ´´happenin´´ section of town a little bit ago, so hopefully tonight will be more fun than last.

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