Ohio LinuxFest 2012

Sometime in the last six months or so, I discovered Ohio LinuxFest – an apparently rather large FOSS conference held annually in Columbus, Ohio. I’d been planning to attend ever since I heard about it, and recently got in contact with Luke Tislow. As a result, I will be manning a GNOME booth there! I’m hoping that there are other GNOME users/contributors in the area who will also be attending and able/willing to help out. If your interested in doing so, please leave a comment or ping me on irc (gonyere in #gnome, #gnome-clocks, #gnome-love, #gnome-women, #marketing on gimpnet).

A short bit now about Ohio LinuxFest: OLF is an annual conference held in Columbus, Ohio since 2002. Now in its 10th year, Ohio LinuxFest focuses on Linux & other open source/free software projects. This year’s conference will have 4 keynote speakers – Elizabeth Garbee, Angela Byron and Wendy Seltzer and Jon ‘maddog’ Hall. Promoters have specifically called on women to submit talks and made a point of having 3 keynotes given by women. Hopefully this will result in more women attending than ever before!

For more information on Ohio LinuxFest 2012 checkout their website at: http://ohiolinux.org/ Hope to see some of you there!!


Driving through a flood!!

So today we went up to Canton and had lunch with my mom at Chipotle’s, and then we went and hung out at my grandparent’s house for a little while and visited with them. My grandma seems to be doing better, and she’s definetly happy to be home. And its awesome that my aunt’s able to be there and help out for a couple weeks while everyone gets used to being home again. After she goes back to california, we might move up there and stay with them for a little while, untill grandma and grandpa figure things out again.

On our way home, we forgot about all the flooding thats been going on (went through Carrollton on the way up, so we didn’t have to worry about flooding, much), and so went the normal ‘back’ way home. We got to magnolia and found that 542 was ‘closed’ but decided to keep going – sometimes a road is ‘closed’ but not really unpassable. And there’s definetly a difference!!

Anyhow. We got right up to the lake and found that, yup, sure enough the lake was over the road. So, we took some back roads around that section, and popped out farther down it… and drove untill we found that it was, once again, flooded over. But, other cars drove through it peachy fine… so we did too!! It was pretty crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever driven through so much water, and certainly not in such a little car (2002 Honda Civic LX))!!

It was pretty exciting – a bit of an adventure, thats for sure. I’m not sure I can ever remember the lake being so high. I assume it has been at least as high before, but not in a long time, and certainly not this early in the year. You expect flooding later on, but not so early. Certainly makes me worried for the rest of the year. If this kind of weather keeps up, well, the lake will become truly impassable, that’s for sure!!

First Aid & the YMCA

Tonight we had our First Aid & Oxygen Adminstration classes at the YMCA. They were both pretty darn basic and simplistic, though Kevin once again struggled with the test. I don’t understand whats happend with him and tests. I know he’s always been bad about second-guessing himself, but it just seems much much worse lately. In anycase though, we both passed just fine. He actually didn’t take the oxygen class as he had to watch Andros the last hour. I’m pretty excited about taking the life guarding class starting next week. It’ll be interesting and hopefully fun, though I’m questioning whether or not I’ll be making it to Tae Kwon Do unfortuantly. I might try and go once a week still and just go from their. We shall see.

I’m rather upset with the YMCA though regarding my right to breastfeed my son. On Monday after the babysitting room closed at 8:30 I went and got him and brought him back in to the class while we rapped up CPR and took the test. While we were reviewing some information I went ahead and nursed him, and didn’t think anything of it, just like always. But, then tonight, when I went in to the babysitting room and nursed him in their the lady said “do you want a blanket” and when I said “no thank you” she tried to make me use one. So, I informed her that I am legally allowed to nurse wherever I am otherwise allowed to be, and she just dropped it…

Then, later on during a separate break the instructor and another woman confronted me about it, and tried to say that in the future I must either: leave the room and go somewhere private, or use a cover of some sort. I informed them of the law as well and they just blew me off. So I blew them off and just walked away.

From now on though, I fully intend to bring a copy of the Ohio law on the subject, and if anyone ever tries to tell me to cover their again, I will inform them of the law and that I can sue them for civil rights discrimination if they continue to press me (which I forgot about tonight somehow)… It just boggles my mind that anyone cares if I nurse my son anywhere, and that they think they have the right to tell me to cover. Mind boggling.

Obama in Akron

So, I finally got to see Barack Obama today, which was very cool. He was up in Akron at the John S Knight Center, at “5:30” with the doors “opening at 4:00”. Which makes me wonder why on earth I stood outside in the freezing cold from 4:20ish till 6:00ish!! I’m not sure what they were doing to everyone as they entered the building – patting every single person down? Strip searching them? Doing a background check? Seriously, I don’t know, but the line that stretched around the block when we got their at 4:15 barely moved for the first 1.5 hours we stood in it. And then around 6 we all just walked right in, just like I figured we would to begin with! Only, we got stuck up on a balcony with nowhere to sit… But, at least we got to see (ok, mostly hear), him, and it wasn’t freezing ass cold anymore, which was an *AWESOME* change!! Oh, and I nursed Andros twice while we were there – once standing in line (which really seemed to empress Kevin for some reason), briefly, and then again for longer once we got inside in the warmth!

His speech was basically the same one that he’s been giving (I think) for the last while, but it was very good. He talked about Clinton’s recent attacks on his health care plan, and what he said made sense. I don’t think there’s any way that a plan that mandates people buy coverage will get through the congress, not right now. But one that dramatically cuts the costs of it, and helps people to buy it? That just might make it.

In anycase, I’m glad we went, glad we got to see him, in person, finally. It was a good time, even the part where we had to stand outside in the cold.