Ohio LinuxFest 2012

Sometime in the last six months or so, I discovered Ohio LinuxFest – an apparently rather large FOSS conference held annually in Columbus, Ohio. I’d been planning to attend ever since I heard about it, and recently got in contact with Luke Tislow. As a result, I will be manning a GNOME booth there! I’m hoping that there are other GNOME users/contributors in the area who will also be attending and able/willing to help out. If your interested in doing so, please leave a comment or ping me on irc (gonyere in #gnome, #gnome-clocks, #gnome-love, #gnome-women, #marketing on gimpnet).

A short bit now about Ohio LinuxFest: OLF is an annual conference held in Columbus, Ohio since 2002. Now in its 10th year, Ohio LinuxFest focuses on Linux & other open source/free software projects. This year’s conference will have 4 keynote speakers – Elizabeth Garbee, Angela Byron and Wendy Seltzer and Jon ‘maddog’ Hall. Promoters have specifically called on women to submit talks and made a point of having 3 keynotes given by women. Hopefully this will result in more women attending than ever before!

For more information on Ohio LinuxFest 2012 checkout their website at: http://ohiolinux.org/ Hope to see some of you there!!