Obama in Akron

So, I finally got to see Barack Obama today, which was very cool. He was up in Akron at the John S Knight Center, at “5:30” with the doors “opening at 4:00”. Which makes me wonder why on earth I stood outside in the freezing cold from 4:20ish till 6:00ish!! I’m not sure what they were doing to everyone as they entered the building – patting every single person down? Strip searching them? Doing a background check? Seriously, I don’t know, but the line that stretched around the block when we got their at 4:15 barely moved for the first 1.5 hours we stood in it. And then around 6 we all just walked right in, just like I figured we would to begin with! Only, we got stuck up on a balcony with nowhere to sit… But, at least we got to see (ok, mostly hear), him, and it wasn’t freezing ass cold anymore, which was an *AWESOME* change!! Oh, and I nursed Andros twice while we were there – once standing in line (which really seemed to empress Kevin for some reason), briefly, and then again for longer once we got inside in the warmth!

His speech was basically the same one that he’s been giving (I think) for the last while, but it was very good. He talked about Clinton’s recent attacks on his health care plan, and what he said made sense. I don’t think there’s any way that a plan that mandates people buy coverage will get through the congress, not right now. But one that dramatically cuts the costs of it, and helps people to buy it? That just might make it.

In anycase, I’m glad we went, glad we got to see him, in person, finally. It was a good time, even the part where we had to stand outside in the cold.