Classes, Salamanca, partying… fun-ness!!

Well, today is saturday and in a little while I´m going to go to some play-type-thing (i think thats what it is anyhow… ´teatre animado´) about Don Quiote (sp?)…

Yesteday was also our first day of class, and it went pretty well. I´m in the ´beginner´classes, of course, but thats Ok. Theres a couple other girls from the US (though they came via different programs or whatever, so I didn´t know them beforehand), as well as two girls from Vienna, Austria who are super super cool.. meant to meat up with them last night, but it just didn´t happen. Theres also one guy from Norway, two from Japan and another guy from somewhere else (can´t member where exactly… somewhere in europe, I think).

Spain is also, apparently, one of only two countries in all of europe (the other being france…), where like nobody speaks english (or at least, refuse to do so..). The girls from Austria speak EXCELLENT english, and were super surprised that nobody here does.

Mostly having a blast though… I think I´ll bring my camera to the plaza on monday (when I have my backpack with school stuff), and take some pictures, then try and get them online for everyone to see.. My classes are all in the same building and its beautiful, gold colored sandstone with all kinds of crazy ornate stuff around it. But yeah. Lots of fun…



Yesterday was our first full day in Salamanca and it went quite well.. we had a tour of the city and then time to hang out and do whatever.

Last night we all ended up going out together around 11:00pm… The bar we went to, was absolutely awesome. Thats all there is to it…

Girls drank for FREE all night long – “open bar” – at least as far as beer, sangria and some other drink were concerned. None of us planned on getting wasted… but man, we just couldn´t pass up free alcohol. As for the guys, they had to pay a whopping 4 euros (about 5 bucks), and then drank as much as they wanted too. I couldn´t believe it, none of us could. And, whats more, this is apparently the case at this bar EVERY tuesday and wednesday!! So yeah, we all now know when we´re going to be getting totally wasted… ::grin::

Then this morning at 8:30am we had our placement test… don´t know how it went, but will find out here very shortly (like 15 mins actually…)… I´m guessing I´ll be in the “beginner” class. But, yeah. I still can´t quite believe I drank so much (had at least 8 drinks) for FREE. Pure crazyness. I wonder if other bars have the same deal on other nights… God bless Salamanca, god bless spain… where beer is cheaper than frigging water!!