Reiffen’s Choice

I have just finished reading Reiffen’s Choice by S.C. Butler and cannot recommend it enough. It is an enthralling book, of magic and Dwarves, of children and men and animals who can change their shape – from bear to bat to man and back to bear.

A story both dark and bright – of the light and the darkness. Few books have made me think and dream as much of late. In some places it is reminicent of Tolkien as in the Abyss at the bottom of the world in the real of the Dwarves. In others of C.S. Lewis as in animals who speak. But, page after page, it urges you to go on. To turn the page and read the next line. To find out about the Brydd and the Bryydin, about what happend to the other Shapers annd where exactly the Wizards are from. But we are left, in the end with more questions than answers – how old is this world? How were Bryyds and Areft and the others killed? They were (are?), gods it would seem, and yet they were defeated. How? Why? Can the same tactics used on Areft work again on the Wizards?

I cannot wait to read the sequel – Queen Ferris. And I am sure the final volume as well, whenever it comes out. 5 stars for S.C. Butler for story superbly imagined and wonderfully put to the page. This is a book worth reading.