MySpace nomore!

Well, I am officially changing my blog over from to blogger for one simple reason: it turns out that myspace is little more than farce of a site setup so that they can collect demographic info and such like. So yeah. As a result, I am no longer posting on myspace, nor having Any of my biographical info for them to see. Bastards.

ANYHOW, I´m still having a blast over here in Spain. Barcelona was awesome, and if you like you can checkout pics (at, as always). I could still go back and hang out there for hours on end, its just such an amazing city, especially with all the Gaudi and other modernist architecture… Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batállo, La Piedra, La Palacua Musica, etc. They´re all amazing works of art.

Classes are going overall pretty well, like my teachers (2 out of the 4 I´ve had before;), so that always helps.

Meh, thats about it. I´ll post more when/if something interesting happens=)


Venice, Paris…

Well, its been a pretty crazy couple of weeks. Thats for sure. Nearly two weeks ago now, I left for Venice, and had an absolute blast. Venice was/is a beautiful city. All the little tiny streets – many, if not most are no more than 4 or 5 feet wide, along with a ton of bridges, just makes for an absolutely beautiful city. San Marcos Square (or Piazzele I should say…) is absolutely beautiful. All light up at night, with the Basilica and Tower looming over everything… Music from 3 or 4 different little bands playing. Its just amazing.

For most of the time that I was in Venice, I was lost. Didn´t even have a map for the first couple days (they all cost at least 3 or 4 euros…), and then I finally found one, along with a guidebook. Made exploring a bit more interesting since I actually knew (or could at least figure out), what I was seeing/had seen. Also stumbled on a couple of nifty museums my last couple days. One was the Naval History Museum. It was very very cool… lots and lots of model ships from every time period – from the old Venetian vessels with oars all the way up to modern Italian ships. They even had one whole room dedicated to Oriental ships and such. Was just a very very cool museum.

Then of course, just this past weekend, I went to Paris. I was only back in Salamanca for barely 2 days, before leaving again. Insane. Paris too was quite cool, and very pretty. The Eifel Tower was cool, but I definetly liked Notre Dame the best. It was just soo amazing. Went up in the Towers my last morning there, and got to see all the chimeras (gargoyles) up-close, as well as an absolutely spectacular view of Paris. Its just such an incredible, beautiful building. Inside, all the rose windows, with stained glass… Its just incredible. Absolutely incredible.

So yeah. I´ve had a pretty crazy past couple of weeks. Can check out all my pictures of Paris/Venice online now (they´re all up… all 500-600 of them =).


Santander. Wow. What a beautiful city. Beautiful beaches, with waves plenty big enough to surf on (proved by the fact that there were literally dozens of people out surfing on Saturday night, untill it truely got too dark to see!!).

I hung out on the beach for most of Saturday evening and night – ate a boccadillo (sub) sitting up on a rock overlooking the ocean, twas beautiful. Got up kinda early on Sunday and ate breakfast, which, quite happily was very good… all kinds of food for breakfast, including lots that we used to make sandwiches with for the ride home.

After breakfast I wandered around Santander a little bit, and then back down onto the beach again =) Around 12:30 we left the hotel and went to the ´down town´ section of Santander… wanderd around there for a while as well, and found a little market.

The markets here are kind of funny… Some of the stuff is blatantly obviously stolen. Like the table that seriously had nothing but VHS movies and DVD´s… which were obviusly from a movie rental place (as they were in the funky cases, complete with numbers…), or the other table that mostly had silverware and a remote control and other random stuff.

Then we went and visted some gardens and saw the royal palace/mansion which was pretty cool… They also have three ships that apparently crossed the Atlantic at some point on display, and they are absolutely TINY… maybe 30 feet long, at absolute most.

There was also a mini-zoo, which had penguins, sea lions and seals. It was kind of cool… penguins are awesome=)

Other than that… just the 5 hour busride back to Salamanca.

And then this morning… I had my second placement test to see which level I get to study in for the next 3 months… I really think I´ll be in Intermediate though I´m not entirely sure.. will find out here in a little bit.