Weddings, chickens and food, hurrah!!

Well, its been a while since I posted, but lots has happend. I finally got my car back which is wonderful. We drove up to Wisconsin for Kevin’s Dad’s wedding… spent around 24 hours in the car, and about 30 hours actually *IN* WI. Not exactly the most fun weekend I’ve ever been on, but it wasn’t bad. Mostly just very expensive – $4/gallon gas is *not* conducive for traveling!!

On Monday when we got back, I called to find out where on earth our poultry fencing was to be told that it still hadn’t shipped! But, then somehow they got it shipped out that day, and it finally came today. Minus the electrifier. Ugh. The fence itself seems very nice though – super easy to set up, move around, adjust etc. I really can’t wait to let them out tommorrow and let them just run around for the first time outside! They about bum rushed me out the gate this morning when I went out to feed and water them. Hopefully the charger will come tommorrow…

On the gardening front, last night I stayed home from Tae Kwon Do and got a whole bunch of peppers planted (like… 24ish??), which was good cause’ tis definetly ‘that time of year’ to get stuff planted, you know? Also got three zucchini plants planted too… that’ll be wonderful. I’m gonna have zuccini comin’ outta my ears! I can’t wait to eat zucchini bread for breakfast every morning again!! 😀 😀 Might just have to figure out a way to preserve it for teh winter too… though I haven’t a clue how to!!

Then, today, I got some tomatoes planted – 23 to be exact. Plus the two we planted a couple weeks ago… I think we have space for about that many yet… so if its nice tommorrow maybe I’ll run over to Skipper’s and see about getting some more 😀 I’d also like to get some more peppers yet, but maybe I’m crazy. We’ll see.

For dinner tonight I made “Piglet DH’s Lentil Curry” from this thread on’s forums. It was *wonderful*! I made my own ‘chili past’ by soaking chili caribe in warm water for a few minutes, then blending it up and mixing in some chili powder to make it extra thick, and Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste. I’ll definetly be making it again sometime, though I think I’ll try draining the lentils before adding everything else to them – by the time enough of the water had evaporated, they were totally mushy. But still very tasty!!

Tommorrow is Fra Diavolo Shrimp, which is one of our favorites. Its soo good and easy to make, especially with fettucini/linguini noodles. I think I have enough but I might make them fresh, haven’t quite decided. I love my pasta rolling machine – its soo easy to use, and really quite fun. We’ll see.


3rd Saturday

So, on saturday we went up to 3rd Saturday at a friends house. It’s a gathering of musicians, ever (you guessed it;) 3rd saturday of the month. We got there right around 8:00 when it started and stayed untill 1!! It was quite a lot of fun. Kevin got to sit around and play his guitar the whole time (or, most of the time, he was drumming towards the end;), and learned a whole bunch of new stuff. Everyone was very nice, though they were mostly older folks (40+), with only a few younger people mixed in. But, it was still a good time. Apparently they rotate hosting it, so who knows where it’ll be next month, but we’re definetly planning on going. Andros did great – he was up till like 9:30 or 10:00 then took a little nap for an hour an half or so, an then was up till 1am when we left!! He was banging on his drum and playing with a shaker for a good half hour or so before we left too, it was soo cute.

It warmed up  a good bit on sunday, and was like 50+ degrees, but then dropped again yesterday. And it snowed again, so now everythings all pretty and white again, which is great. So much nicer than the drab brown of mud. Andros has become quite the climber lately, climbing up onto the ledge in the family room, onto the heater, chairs, desks, just about anything he can. Its kind of scary, but theres no point in freaking out and putting him down on the floor as he’d just climb back up again…

Joshua and Sharlot came down on sunday and had lunch with us. I made green chili and tamales, and dad made some beans and tortillas. It was all very tasty, and nice to see them. I’m not sure when we saw them last, but it’s been a while. They’re busy planning their wedding, as it’s coming up now (just 3 or 4 months away now, I think).

Well, we’ve been back from Ohio for just a little over a week now. It was a nice trip, a bit on the short side though, really. Six days sounds like a lot longer when you don’t realize its split into two. Then it becomes really and truely rather short. Especially when you have to drive hourse between those two. But, overall it really was nice to see everyone again. And we got married.

The whole wedding thing was actually (in my mind at least) rather humorous. See, we originally ran into the Findlay courthouse on Friday and bought a Marriage License. We really hadn’t thought we’d be able to get one that easy/quick but we did. They didn’t even ask for our drivers licenses. Anyhow. We went back to his Mom’s (Amy) house and talked to his step-dad (Tim his step dad is a preacher) with the assumption, that he’d be willing to marry us. But, he kind of balked. Wanted us to go through all kinds of marriage counseling, christian vowes, promise that we’d raise our kid(s) as christians, etc…. Needless to say, that isn’t what we wanted, and I for one was a bit taken aback. We asked if it’d be better to just do a secular thing at the courthouse, and he said (I’m paraphrasing here), ‘Well that’d be great, but its really quite hard to do. Only clergy and judges can marry people in the state of Ohio….’ Which, I for one found odd… after all there’ve got to be a lot of athiests and such that don’t want ceremonies, right?? So, I called my grandpa up and asked him. And he said that, well, no, its not that hard to do, and would I like for him to call around and see if he could get something lined up for like, Sunday. I said sure, and 4 hours later it was confirmed that we’d be married on Monday by the Mayor of North Canton.

When Amy and Tim found out, they were a bit upset, mostly because Amy really wanted to see her son get married (understandable, but still…). Tim then offerred to marry us on Sunday, but I didn’t want to do that because a: I then wouldn’t get to see *my* family untill Sunday or Monday (and we had to drive back on Tuesday), and b: we’d already agreed to Monday with the mayor. So in the end we settled for him “blessing the relationship” on Saturday at 5pm. Then we drove to my Dad’s house and hung out there untill Tuesday. In the end Amy & Tim ended up driving over for it anyways, which to my mind kind of nullified the reason for the blessing on Saturday. But, then again, at least it all worked out in the end and everyone was happy.

Since we got back last Wednesday, we finished up Staff Training and since then Kevin’s been working, and I worked the weekend. Its been pretty nice, and I’m enjoying it here… I have another doctors apointment on Friday with the OB/GYN so hopefully everything still looks good.