Hmm. Wow. Crazyness has ensued here at camp for the past several weeks. Its nice here… but my staff has changed completely since I started. Which is a good thing, not a bad thing… One may be coming back… we’ll find out one way or the other later on tonight. Overall I really like what I do here, I’ve rememberd just how mcuh I love working with kids and horses both. Its a great job, and I could totally do it forever (just so long as I have staff that I can trust, that is…). Which is very nice to know.

Kevin seems to like doing the rock climbing thing still, though he’s unfortuantly hardly ever here. He only sleeps on-camp 3 nights a week, which kind of sucks, but is mostly OK. I don’t see him as much as I’d like, but its enough to get by.

But the crazyiest part of it all, is that I am, once again, pregnant 🙂 And its wierd, we both agree, because we’re both totally cool with it, totally OK, happy, excited about it. Its a totally different feeling than it was two years ago. And the handful of people who know, here, have been (thus far) super supportive and awesome about it. So who knows, maybe we’ll stay on here for the fall at least so that we can save up some money and such, and then figure out where to go. Kevin was telling me today, that, the way he sees it… he really didn’t have any idea what to do – was just kind of drifting, wandering around the world. And so now, at least, he knows what he’ll be doing for the rest of his life – which he’s really excited about. So thats awesome.

Anyhow, I just wanted to post about all that crazyness, so that I can remember how I feel right now, forever. Its exciting, it really is.