How can he not care, at just a snap of a finger, just all of a sudden not care. He says that he still does, but obviously he does not. Just a stone cold face, never smiling – not at me. No emotion at all, not a hint of sorrow. Just this is how things are, and fuck you.

I love him to death, to the point that I don’t know what to do. All I can think about is him. And whenever I do, its all I can do to keep myself from crying, crying because I miss him. And its all my fault. Every little bit of it, and nothing I can do to make it right.

Nothing in the world that I could ever do, to make it one tiny little bit better. All I want to do, is hug him, and be hugged, held, kissed. Forgiven. Apparently I never forgive people. And apparently I’m a horrible person. Everyone says thats not true, but thats what he said, and I hate to admit it but I value his opion more than anyone elses. Hes my world, and hes gone… and so too thus is my world.

What am I going to do now… Now that I’m living alone. I feel like an empty shell now, just going through the motions. Can’t eat or drink, hardly sleep. I feel sick inside, and all I want to do now is cry. I love him too much, can’t believe that I’ve lost him.

I just dont’ know what to do now. Don’t have the slightest clue… All I want to do is lay down and die… make it all go away… Just make the pain stop, make it stop hurting.

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Its over, its all over. Today (well, last night really), Kevin broke up with me. It hurts more than I can ever possibly describe. I don’t know what to do, I really really do not. I am going to Canada on monday, leaving at 6:00am. On the 25th of august i am flying from pittsburgh to spain. I won’t be back untill December. God knows where Kevin will be by then. I hope somewhere, where I can get to though, hopefully somewhere here in the states.

I will follow him for the rest of my life, begging for forgiveness, and for him to take me back. I really don’t know if it will ever happen though.

I feel so incredibly stupid and retarded, so ashamed of myself that I can’t even describe it. I don’t know what to do or to say, I don’t know who I can talk to. I have to stop begging him to take me back though – as is its only causing him more pain and hurt. I have to grow up, I have to move on, but I just really don’t know how to. I feel much like I did when I came home from camp to my parents getting divorced – only, somehow this is even worse. All that I want to do now, is curl up in some dark, damp corner and die. I don’t know how to live without him, I don’t know what I’m going to do, who I’m going to be. He was – is – my world. And without him, I have nothing, nothing at all. No reason to keep going, to keep trying to better myself. I will go to Canada, I will go to Spain. But I doubt that I will have much fun there. Depression like I haven’t felt for a year and a half has taken its hold on me again. And I don’t know how, when, or if I will ever shake it again. I wish I could make him trust me again, wish that I could show him just how sorry I am, and just how utterly determined I am to make things right between me and his friends. How determined I am to win him back, to make him see that I can, will, and, indeed already have, changed.

Kevin, you are my world, the only reason I keep living. And now, through my stupid reactions, and actions, words and just utter stupidity, I have lost you. All that I want is to be loved, to be held and kissed, and I will do anything in the world to regain your trust. Name it and consider it done. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me, to take me back and to trust me again. I know I have done you incredible harm, and for that I will never, ever, forgive myself. I will always love you. I always have.