Yesterday was our first full day in Salamanca and it went quite well.. we had a tour of the city and then time to hang out and do whatever.

Last night we all ended up going out together around 11:00pm… The bar we went to, was absolutely awesome. Thats all there is to it…

Girls drank for FREE all night long – “open bar” – at least as far as beer, sangria and some other drink were concerned. None of us planned on getting wasted… but man, we just couldn´t pass up free alcohol. As for the guys, they had to pay a whopping 4 euros (about 5 bucks), and then drank as much as they wanted too. I couldn´t believe it, none of us could. And, whats more, this is apparently the case at this bar EVERY tuesday and wednesday!! So yeah, we all now know when we´re going to be getting totally wasted… ::grin::

Then this morning at 8:30am we had our placement test… don´t know how it went, but will find out here very shortly (like 15 mins actually…)… I´m guessing I´ll be in the “beginner” class. But, yeah. I still can´t quite believe I drank so much (had at least 8 drinks) for FREE. Pure crazyness. I wonder if other bars have the same deal on other nights… God bless Salamanca, god bless spain… where beer is cheaper than frigging water!!


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