Surprise 50th Birthday Party! Success!!

So, yesterday I successfully threw a surprise birthday party for my Dad. He really had no clue that we were having a party for him, which is/was awesome. And I managed to get a lot of his old friends to come down and hang out for the day, and several spent the night. It was a blast! I never did a head count but I’d estimate 50ish people showed up, which was pretty good. Only a couple that had said they’d be there didn’t show, so it was pretty fun. My brother got a keg of miller light (which we’re still drinking on today – at last estimate there was about a quarter or so left;), plus we had lots of pop, other beer & food – hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, barley salad, coleslaw, salsa, bean dip, veggies, veggie dips, chips, cake, brownies, donuts… It worked out really well. And like I said, my dad was totally completely surprised, which was *AWESOME*!!

So, for anyone and everyone that came, thank you! You made the day special! And special thanks to everyone who brought food and/or drinks thank you!! My Dad really appreciated it and was amazed – he keeps saying ‘I didn’t think I had enough friends who would show up to a party like that…’ which is just silly, obviously. But still. Thank you all for coming. I of course neglected to take any pictures, but if anyone sends me some, I’ll get them up on here asap! 😀

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