Off to GUADEC 2013!!

I’m just about ready to leave. I think. In a few minutes I’ll drive up to Canton, OH drop my boys off with my mother and board a plane on my way to GUADEC 2013 in Brno, Czech Republic. In a little over 24hrs I’ll be in Brno, attending GUADEC for the second time. I’m psyched!

The last couple of days have been a flurry of laundry, cleaning, packing and worrying – what am I forgetting?? Hopefully nothing overly important. Hopefully Kevin hasn’t forgotten anything important either – he’s leaving tomorrow with the boys to go see his dad up in northern Wisconsin, a solid 12+ hr drive.

Anyhow, I have a few last minute things to do here, and then I’ll be off. Hope to see lots of you tomorrow and in the coming days at GUADEC!! 🙂



Right, so I’ve been home for a couple days now, which probably makes this post a bit late. But oh well. GUADEC was fantastic – with around 300 attendees, dozens of fantastic talks, hackfests and BOFs. Not to mention the chance to meet so many people who have done so much for GNOME over the years, many of whom gave wonderful talks – like the final keynote by Federico Mena-Quintero, Dave Mason & Jonathan Blandford on the History of GNOME which closed GUADEC. Likewise the opening keynote by Jacob Appelbaum on the Tor Project was fascinating and inspiring.

The womens dinner at Casa Tito was fun, though I suspect I’m not alone in thinking the ordering process was nothing short of ridiculous. I had a good time chatting with everyone, but especially with Alex & Patricia. It was nice to meet so many of the other women involved in GNOME,

The overall job done organzing GUADEC was nothing short of fantastic. I honestly can’t think of a single thing to complain about, which is a testamount in itself of the wonderful job they did in organizing. All future GUADECs have a hell of an organizing job to live up to!!

Interviews on GNOME News

With GUADEC rapidly approaching, GNOME News has begun a series of interviews with members of both the local GUADEC organizing team and the new members of the incoming GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. The first two interviews were with Laura M Castro and Alejo Pacín, both members of the local team, and the latest interview posted today with Tobias Mueller one of the new board members. Expect to see more interviews from both the local team and board soon!

GSoC: Week 1

The last week was spent reviewing GNOME Clock code, experimenting with GTK widgets and working on Alarms – namely the back-end python which will underlay the actual program in the next week or two. Tomorrow, I plan to work more on Alarms, hopefully finishing the back-end work and starting in on the GUI.

I also worked more on the GNOME 2010/2011 Annual Report last week, reviewing whats been written, what is still needed, etc. I think we’re nearly done and hopefully get it released shortly.

Finally, I am extremely excited & happy to report that I have officially accepted a travel sponsorship through the GNOME Foundation and will be attending GAUDEC 2012!! I’m also hoping/planning to arrive in time for the UX Hackfest, and I can not wait! Its been more than 6 years since I was in Spain and I cannot wait to go back!! I always meant to check out Galicia, but just never made it there – it sounds absolutely beautiful!!


Thanks so much to the GNOME Foundation for helping to make this trip possible!!