Obama wins the Potomac Primaries!!

Awesome. Spectacular. Wonderful. What more can I say, I’m thrilled – Obama has done it again, winning Maryland – 67%/30%; DC – 75%/24%; & Virginia – 63%/36%; primaries this time too not “just more caucuses” as Hillary said about his other recent wins this past weekend

Delegate tally’s:

Clinton: 944 won + 234 supers = 1178

Obama: 1046 won + 156 supers = 1202

So yeah, Obama is now in the lead with delegate counts for the first time. Only slightly so if you add in the “super delegates”, but much more so if you just count those that they have actually “won”.

Obama won a lot of the groups that were voting pretty heavily for clinton before – women, whites, latinos, 65+, etc. Its pretty amazing, pretty fantastic. I’m just so psyched… I can’t wait for the Wisconsin primary in another week, and then Ohio and Texas on the 4th and Pennsylvania on the 12th. So exciting!!


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